So, Who Are You?

150 hits yesterday, and there is nothing here, yet.

I’m Bob Higgins. Disgruntled voter. One thing I hate more than crooked politicians are ones that feign indignant looks of innocence when you accuse them of shenanigans.

I wrote this site. Me. Nobody else is involved. I know what I have planned for this blog, and are smiling and politely backing away as one would from a monkey with a grenade. I have a plan, a strategy to completely marginalize a certain potential candidate for Governor of Maine in 2014.

And there is nothing he can do to stop it from happening. Not a damned thing. All legal, and that is the most delicious part of all.


4 thoughts on “So, Who Are You?

  1. Cutler was a director at Thornburg Mortgae, a publicly traded company. He did not perfom his duties in a fiscally responsible way. He rubber stamped management’s decisions and took directors’ fees while the company spiraled out of control. Yes, I lost money on my investment in Thornburg and he is partially to blame.

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