Failure to Launch

Ah, the past is a wonderful thing. Looking back over the old “Cutler Files” I found a reference to EC calling himself the “Architect” of the Denver Airport. You probably won’t hear that claim this time around, for a simple reason.
Success has a thousand fathers…but failure is an orphan.
This study took a look at the DIA baggage fiasco. among the failures listed were these;
The Denver debacle is a template for failure that many other projects have followed. As with so many other failures, Denver suffered from;
1.The underestimation of complexity
2.A lack of planning resulting in subsequent changes in strategy
3.Excessive schedule pressure
4.Lack of due diligence
5.Making firm commitments in the face of massive risks
and uncertainty
6.Poor stakeholder management
7.Communications breakdowns
8.People working in silos
9.Poor design
10.Failure to perform risk management
11.Failure to understand the implication change requests
might have
           12.Lack of management oversight
Still feel like calling yourself an architect there, Eliot?
BTW, these are SURELY qualities we need in Maine’s next Governor, right?

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