“A little of the old in/out, in/out.”

Master of doublespeak EC hit the air on WGAN this morning for that weekly mutual masturbation session called “The Cutler Conversation.”  Each week, Ken or Mike dutifully asks him if he will officially announce. This morning, he did…sort of.

Audio Here.

Yes, he’s running, but that official announcement isn’t quite as official, as he intends to officially announce in the Fall. The reason? MONEY.

He can raise a LOT of funds between now and then, without tipping his hand on just who the donors are.

He can keep that cushy once a month gig on the weekends at WGAN, the “Inside Politics” show, at least until he officially declares. At that point,  station management will sort of have to do a back an fill. Is  his show a political advertisement, and should they allow ALL the other candidates equal time, or will they fess up and admit he’s buying the time?

Guess everyone forgot about that.


One thought on ““A little of the old in/out, in/out.”

  1. No one will be able to outspend Cutler and Co. EC is amassing a “black account” with players from Moscow to Sweden to Beijing. And Mr. Cutler has plenty of his own, not that he’ll need it. 1:10 reverse stock splits anyone? Yeah, good times.

    We’ve all heard about the US failure to gain so much as back alley reach-around for our middle eastern expenditure of blood and treasure. A big part of that failure? Independent candidate for Maine’s Office of the Governor, Eliot Cutler.

    You see, Cutler was big dog for Akin Gump’s Iraq reconstruction practice. Big petrol winner in Iraq? Chairman Fu and Sinopec (OIL). And who is Fu Chengyu? Fu is EC’s pal and former chair of CNOOC (OIL). Cutler can beg off on this one with the ‘ol “I don’t know if I was around for that” shtick all he wants. He may not have been on the masthead when the story broke recently, but as these arrangements don’t happen overnight he cannot deny deep involvement, as he did with his dubious record of flouting US national security interests in the past (CNOOC, Unocal, Chevron, congressional reprimands). The media will give him a pass here too, but don’t be lulled by a lazy press. When did past behavior cease to be an indicator of character and predictor of future action, I wonder?

    What is getting lost in the scrub for America’s failure to get the black gold?

    While the narrative is that it’s good because America won’t have to compete as much with China for resources in say, Angola. And that China is paying substantial sums for Iraqi crude per the arrangement anyway, more than is reasonable for free market for-profit entities.

    Iraq resources are finite and petro thirst cannot be slaked; this will do nothing to abate competition for global resources.

    China is willing to pay for the oil because–as with state-owned operations–it is an investment in security, expansion, empire. The US gov’t went in as a corporate tool, with vague dreams of crude security. Too many players vied in the grand morass. The US couldn’t get it’s national act together and Akin Gump was able to steer China to the prize.

    Again, EC is a very savvy cat. However, he goes, time and again, with bare allies and outright enemies of the USA. Will he change his tune and put a simple state like lil ol’ Maine before all else when elected guv? Not a chance. His ego demands acquisition–he has a deep-seated need to demonstrate that he is superior, and on a grand scale. The office of governor does not pay enough in either cash or prestige. Look for EC to use Maine as his personal implement to impress the “players club.”

    I love the we, the USA, spent a couple trillion dollars (and apparently unceasing ended lives) in money borrowed from China to open the petro floodgates to flow directly to Beijing. Remember “state-owned.” Cutler advises foreign governments (not mere business enterprises) on how to subvert, manipulate, grease and cloak practices in direct conflict with US interests of business and national security. This isn’t free market juggling. This is YOU, dear citizen, on the breadline. Those are YOUR CHILDREN, guns in hand in a foreign land. Thanks, Eliot. You the man.

    Frankly, Eliot, I think that you are one badass mofo. Run on who you ARE, not on your pudding punam and deftly manipulated CV. Declare: I, Eliot Raphael Cutler, recognize the new world order, the decline of empire. Maine has the most diverse economic potential in these United States and I can deliver prosperity. As one who has cheated and lied his way to the pinnacle of Nefarious, Inc., you need me. This is the world we live in and I am your guide.

    Eliot, I think that we are desperate enough to go with reality. Give it a shot. You will have more freedom to at least attempt great things. If you bullshit your way into office, history will call you on it. It will become a pilgrimage to piss on your grave.

    Think about it.

    Your friend,
    Kang Aili

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