Delicious…And Tangy.

Have to hand it to Steve Mistler over at the PPH. Major hat tip on this one. Mike Michaud filed his paperwork for the Gubernatorial run, with a shocker for the Cutler campaign.


Still, there was at least one important nugget in the Ethics Commission filing: Bonnie Porta.

Porta will be Michaud’s campaign treasurer. This matters.

Two reasons:

First, Porta and her husband, Robert C.S. Monks, are prolific donors to the Maine Democratic Party. Second, both gave money to independent candidate Eliot Cutler in 2010. ”

In the words of George Takei…”OH…MY”

That means, among the backfield from Cutler’s last run, the only person likely to be picking up the phone when it comes to fundraising is Tin Cup.

The most appropriate theme music I could come up with was this gem.






After a moment to go smoke, get a fresh iced tea and whatnot, I have determined the penultimate IDEAL theme music for this revelation.


3 thoughts on “Delicious…And Tangy.

  1. This is as cool as it is early in a long slog: very. As such, I say being on the board of Skanska alone will get Cutler more than the “Gold Coast” will collectively muster. Cianbro should take special notice of that affiliation and do one of two things: 1. Plan on layoffs, or, 2. Keep Cutler out of Augusta. If opting for choice number one, Vigue can sweeten his fire sale by painting SKANSKA USA on current Cianbro machinery.

  2. Is Bobby Monks still an owner at MTM publications? I know the entire MTM staff is supposed to pretend Monks doesn’t exist, but it seems to me that’s relevant to the discussion of his WIFE being Michaud’s treasurer.

    Thanks for your blog posts.

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