Of Interest

Earlier this week, a friend passed on to me the following snippet from Forbes magazine.

In modern America, however, it appears the man in Rockwell’s painting might be advised to be very careful what he says, how he says it, and to whom he says it at the town hall.  A few wrong moves and one of the townspeople wearing ties might report him to the local election commission.  He might be required to register as a Political Action Committee and make filings with the state. He could face significant administrative expenses, and need to hire a financial staff.  Indeed, it would probably be best if he brought an attorney with him to the meeting, lest he run afoul of the rules regarding political speech and advocacy.


Read the article here.

This puts my site in an interesting conundrum. I’ve noticed an increase in daily traffic over the past few weeks, meaning the campaign trackers have put it on “the list.”

Will I eventually suffer the fate of DB and be summoned to the halls of power in Augusta, accused of goodness knows what?  The disclaimer below.

I own the “site.” I create the content. It is my opinion. Nobody pays me to do so. It is hosted on a “free” site. I neither employ nor am in the employ of anyone. I don’t raise money.

If anyone has any fancy ideas, they can refer to what I call rule#1 in the subpoena department. “Salt it and suck it.”



One thought on “Of Interest

  1. An interesting donor rebuff to the Cutler Campaign has been making the rounds:

    Ms. Furman, et al.,

    Unfortunately, as much as LePage is a buffoon and while Michaud may prove good for administering hospice protocols to our once productive and proud state, Mr. Cutler’s track record with Skanska, Sinopec, Thornburg and many others reflects a recklessness and even incompetence that cannot be understated.

    Ms. Furman and/or whomever penned this fundraising email, please be advised that Mr. Cutler is engaged in fraud and misrepresentation and has been for over 40 years. He may count himself fortunate that his past is so dense with misdeeds that it may be difficult for anyone to tug sufficiently on a thread that may undo his meticulously crafted carapace. Certainly we have learned that modern media is unable or unwilling to investigate beyond one phone call or two mouse clicks. So, in that sense, he may indeed feel secure.

    If you are at all curious, ask him about Elmer Wyatt. Don’t let a pat answer stall you. Ask him how much work he did for Liggett Tobacco. Ask him how he was a principal counsel to Muskie and crafter of environmental legislation in DC when he lived in NYC as early as 1973, on the payroll of Webster Sheffield, before he passed the bar and even had a law degree. Ask him how his copy of the 1972 Muskie campaign strategy went missing with a Xerox of said top secret documents showing up elsewhere. (Hint: “Elmer Wyatt” is not to had in any part of the answer, nor is any variation of “Mr. Chapman’s friends.”)

    Ask him how he got a law degree without (by his own admission..see Muskie Archives, Bates College) attending any classes or how he got to lawyering before graduating. Ask him what year he graduated from Georgetown. Hint: It wasn’t 1973. You see, Mr. Cutler thinks it is ’73 because of a deal he made. I have a feeling that nothing will come of this as Mr. Cutler is viewed as a sort of great returning sage who, having seen the world, has now deigned to bless us with his vision.

    The above is but the tip of Mr. Cutler’s ‘berg. You want to book passage on another boat to the future, just to be on the safe–and right–side of history.


    J. Davis

    PS: Kindly remove me from your email list.

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