Polling, And The Lawn Dart Issue

While back in Maine on a short vacation before heading back to Florida for a new gig, I thought it might be good to chime in on the latest developments in the clown rodeo that has become the Maine Governor Race.

With the possible exception of poll numbers that look like a blindly tossed lawn-dart on its swift return, not a lot has changed.

Perhaps that is why lawn darts went illegal years ago..too much similarity to independent political campaigns.

A latest check with Real Clear Politics has him floating an average 17.3% with likely Maine voters. Over at the HuffingOnPaint (who would quite frankly elect Ted Bundy if he were a registered Dem…and not dead) shows an estimate of 15 percent.

For perspective, that is just one point higher than the frequency rate of Chlamydia.

LePage is wallowing in his recent scandal. I’ve lost track of what it is, there are so many. Michaud will feel a dead-cat-bounce from last weeks Dem convention, but the VA thing is gonna be a thing, Baby.

Meanwhile, I’ve been asked to pass along any juicy tidbits. I’m PARTICULARLY interested in you know, all that lawyer stuff…like did Ol’ Barnjacket ever even take the bar exam, anywhere…ever.

Or, as my sniffer tells me, he’s all spooked up.