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  1. Good luck here, Bob. Cutler got a free press pass last go ’round. I have a file a mile deep on this fella. Don’t shoot from the hip here. Measured and reasonable. Cutler’s past speaks for itself and he can hang by his own words and missdeeds. I’ll be sharing some intel on this blog for certain.

  2. Cutler responds to criticism with:

    A call to arms? A call to a prep school pep rally? I can’t really decide how uninspired I am.


    I assume the weakly written letter was penned by a lackey. I can’t imagine that Cutler would use consectutive puncutation for emphasis to end a sentence. That is a young campaign idiot at the keyboard. Or is it?? Cutler by his own admission “didn’t actually attend law school,” so perhaps he is short on writin’ skills. Although he has a JD. More on that later.

    I like Kang Aili’s comments at the bottom of the page..the line about Eliot Cutler and Sherman’s March is frickin’ priceless.

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